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Title: Competition
Post by: Deaks on July 04, 2020, 09:28:11 PM
Hello Everyone,

With the launch of our site I am happy to announce the launch of our "Launch/Independence Day" Competition.

This is open to ALL Regular Members, for those that have joined from today until August and remain active on our forum, and by active I mean creating posts, responding to posts, submitting their own reviews (using the template first time) and generally helping to build the community will be entered into our competition.

The prize well with thanks to SMFHacks, we will be offering Ad Seller Pro for FREE, what this means is we will buy you a standard license with no extras so you can use on your SMF forum. That is an AMAZING mod worth $50 for FREE!!

Quote from:
An advertising placement and selling system for SMF (Simple Machines Forum). Ad Seller Pro comes built in with key advertising locations to maximize your advertising earnings. Easy to expand comes with support of generating custom ad locations which can even be included on your website outside of SMF using SSI. Built in Text Ad Creator, supports banner advertisements, and placement of custom javascript/html code ads. Ad Seller Pro also all allows you to limit which membergroups are able to see ads. Many features listed in more detail below.

Supports SMF 2.1.x (MySQL) SMF 2.0.x (MySQL) And SMF 1.1.x
PayPal Business Account. You can get a free Business PayPal account by clicking here
fsockopen enabled in PHP


  • Selling of advertisement space. Integrated with PayPal to process the orders. Control number of impressions and how many days an ad package will run
  • Includes built in locations to maximize your ad revenue. Easy to add to custom themes.
  • Option to create user defined ad locations to expand upon the built in advertisement placements
  • Using SSI you can even include advertising locations on your website outside of the forum
  • Three types of Ad's support Text Ad's, Banner Ad's, and custom code which can be javascript/html to display your advertising
  • Built in Text Ad editor allows you to create google styled text ads and choose background,link colors, border colors etc
  • Advertising by membergroups. With Ad Seller Pro you are able to control by ad location which membergroups can see advertising or not
  • Tracking of Views and Clicks. For all ad types we are able to track the number of views and can track clicks for text ad's and banner advertisements
  • Options to log complete ad clicks, ad impressions with member name, ip address and date time
  • Simple revenue sharing system allows forum members the option to create text advertisements or banners ads to be shown on the forum. Includes settings to control how often they are shown
  • Self service for advertising buyers. Once the payment is complete the buyer can setup their own text or banner ad and will be shown once approved if you have ad approval enabled
  • And more!