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Title: [Review] Lazy Loader
Post by: Reviewer on July 11, 2020, 10:12:15 PM
Mod Author: alexetgus (;u=363570)
Version: 1
SMF Version: 2.0.17

Mod Text
The look of the test is quite simple, the author has broken the layout up with the headers, however the wording choice for the headers is not the best specially for such a small description, and the use of breaks is quite displeasing for the eye, would suggest for the author looking at uniformity to make it more aligned, also moving some of the text around and potentially a new header for other info such as the github etc.  One thing that I do like is the warning for mobile plans.  End of day however the description is simple and sometimes that is what is needed.


Their is not much to say about the code of this mod it makes a 2 small changes and inserts a js file into your theme, their is not much that can go wrong.  Their is only one small change I would suggest if the author updates for 2.1 and that is update the code inserted into the index.template.php so its self closing but that is something so small that we suggest it just as their is little wrong with this mod.



This mod really has no theme edits, its a really good mod for stopping images being loaded until you need them, so it will help on mobile viewing, besides for this it really has little impact on the theme design or usage and ties well into a design you use.



Overall this is a simple mod, it does not pretend to be anything else.  Besides for the small things in the description their is no reason to say anything negative.  It really is just a simple mod that does what it says.

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