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Title: [Review] Simple Colorizer
Post by: Reviewer on August 02, 2020, 10:12:51 PM
Mod Author: Diego Andrés (;u=254071)
Version: 1.1
SMF Version: 2.0.17

Mod Text
The mod description is simple and basic.  The text clearly states what the mod does.  That being said the use of familiar tone "You should be cool while running with this mod." does impact this for us.  For us the description could be laid out better with some more information, even mentioning how an admin uses this mod.  We do applaud it for giving credit to the original creator of the mod.


The code for this mod is really clean and tidy.  It makes no file edits and uses hooks to implement the code.  The only thing going against the mod really is the lack of comments.  While this has no real impact on the mod it documentation is useful. What we also like is the mod in the current format will work on 2.1 so for now it is future proof.

This mod make no Theme Edits so it really is good, the only downside is colours could be default clash with the theme and their is no way to make it a by theme change.  However if you have one theme or many themes using  similar scheme it is very useful.


Overall a really good mod, simple in what it does however does have a small thing holding it back and thats the description.  Being future proof for 2.1 is a bonus and its small enough not to cause issues.  With the mod using hooks it will not cause issues with upgrades so a bonus if 2.0.18 is released.


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