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Title: [Review] Tiny Portal
Post by: Reviewer on August 23, 2020, 05:55:33 PM
Mod Author: lurkalot (;u=124590)
Version: 2.0.0RC1
SMF Version: 2.0.17

Mod Text
The mod description is descriptive.  One thing that is helpful and was amazing to see is the release date of the current version at the top of the description, while it is listed in the SMF created text, having this again does help.  The large amount of text is a downside, alot of it is likely to be skipped over and does take quite a while to read it all.  We do love the recognition given in the mod for those who were instrumental in the mod, but does feel its not needed here.  One thing we suggest is maybe looking into making the description catch the eye more with with shorter, snappier lines.  The usage of headers and emphasise, as well as the splash of colour does catch the eye and is great to see it being used well.


As you would expect TinyPortal does come with a vast amount of code.  One thing that is really good is the moving away from a .mod file but this was done many years ago.  The code is clean with many comments throughout so make it easier to find area's if you need to.  Their could be some more just to make it easier but at the amount now it is good as you should not need to get into the code too much.  One thing that is really nice is the fact that the mod is future proof for your forum, if you decide to update to 2.1 then it is the same file you are using.  With the use of hooks this does make it worthwhile.  While the code is good for usage their are some bugs that will be updated with the next release.



When TinyPortal was first released themes had to be customised to work with TP, members of the TP community would ask authors if they could create a TP version for download.  This got removed over a decade ago, and is good to see this has not made a return.  The mod integrates into your forum well and one thing we liked was the option to customise the blocks to suit more your needs.  One thing that could be good is the ability for custom css giving the admin more control of the aesthetics to tie into a design more.  The templates have no hard coded text and like the source code is documented well.



TinyPortal is a mod that is going strong, outlasting many of the competitors such as MKPortal, Dream Portal and even Simple Portal.  It is one of the oldest mods of the mod site and has went through various releases updating it to be a robust portal.


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