I ate a clock yesterday, it was very time-consuming.

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September 29, 2020, 03:20:15 PM

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Competition Winner

we are delighted to announce that the winner of our first competition is .... shadav


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SMF Review Chat

2020 Sep 08 20:18:39
Deaks: hi all sorry been away also marcosbr we are not a support site

2020 Sep 07 22:25:29
lurk: Yes, keep it down please, some of us are trying to sleep..  :D

2020 Sep 07 21:29:40
lesmond: Shush you'll wake em up ;)

2020 Sep 06 16:37:16
shadav: it's awfully quiet

2020 Aug 31 00:18:49
lesmond: @marcosbr all depends what ya asking?

2020 Aug 30 23:37:19
marcosbr: or can't you ask?

2020 Aug 30 23:35:42
marcosbr: Can anyone approve my question? or can't you ask?

2020 Aug 30 12:48:18
lesmond: Very quite around these parts ;)

2020 Aug 29 22:10:58
Deaks: Evening

2020 Aug 29 10:31:49
lurk: Morning all :)

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We are happy to announce the update to the site has been done, and we fully apologise for the downtime.

As you can see we have made some changes and added TinyPortal to our site this has been with thanks to lurksalot from the TinyPortal team who helped in setting this up.  We have also installed Default Avatars so all users if no...

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Hello All,

Our site will be taking some scheduled down time to make some updates and fix some bugs we have found since our launch.  At this moment this is expected to take place tomorrow at around 1900 UK (24hours from time of this post).  We should not be down for long.

Hello Everyone,

With the launch of our site I am happy to announce the launch of our "Launch/Independence Day" Competition.

This is open to ALL Regular Members, for those that have joined from today until August and remain active on our forum, and by active I mean creating posts, responding to posts, submitting their own reviews (using the template first time) and generally helping to build the communi...

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Welcome to our site!

What is SMFReview?
SMFReview is a one stop review site where mods will be reviewed looking at various criteria to create an overall rating.  What is unique about our site is YOU the users can also leave your own review on mods that we have reviewed using the template provided.

What SMF version of Mods will be reviewed?
At this time we will only be reviewing SMF 2.0 Mods, when 2.1 gets closer to Final we will start looking at 2.1 mods.

Will you review Themes?
At this time we are looking at Mods.  As the site grows and our user base grows we may start reviewing Themes as well.

Hopefully these 3 questions answer a lot of questions for people.  As we are still growing and we are new we do ask that you help us by creating content on our site.  When you see a review please create your own in the topic.  Our main aim is to provide a review and rating, however we want to see a growth in the SMF community with Customisation through mods and themes growing, and this is our small part of this.

The site comes from discussion between many friends who all agree with this needing to be done.  Our site uses Limestone by Mick. with a simple recolour ...

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Mod Author: SMFHacks.com Team
Link: https://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=255
Version: 3.5d
SMF Version: 2.0.17

Mod Text
The description of this mod is quite large, almost a half is change log information, that being said, this is expected as the mod is ...

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So as the first review is almost ready to be posted, and the second one is being started, the site will be going down for a small bit later today moving to a forum under smfreview   Will also be doing some routine maintenance.  A redirect will be posted for the subdomain however from the new temp site will be:


Will also be using this to test the announcement...

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