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August 15, 2020, 06:41:19 AM

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Author Topic: [Review] Language on Register  (Read 219 times)

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[Review] Language on Register
« on: July 19, 2020, 03:24:19 PM »
Mod Author: Tokzu [nofollow]
Link: https://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=3918 [nofollow]
Version: 1
SMF Version: 2.0.17

Mod Text
The description on this mod is really well presented, the author has headed everything well, and its quite pleasing to the eye.  The main downside is the links do not work, since 2016 when the mod was last updated the owner must have moved on to ventures new.
While this does not impact the look as no images are being called.

What we like about the code of this mod is it does use hooks, so it wont edit too many files.  It has some really simple coding, but this is expected as the mod is quite a simple one but does have a great feature for multilingual forums.  The only real thing that we can see is the lack of comments, but this is us looking for a negative.


The theme makes no real theme changes so its a simple a robust mod for themers and forums.  The only down side really is a small thing, and its the layout of the text, some of it has every starting letter capitalised while others only have the very first.  As we mention a very small thing.


All together this is a really good mod for multilingual forums.  It is not the most advanced mod but it does its job well.  While it did do well in testing etc we find it hard top give full marks as you really would need a multi lingual forum for the need of this mod.

Total Score

Further discussion thread - https://www.smfreview.com/forum/index.php?topic=53.0


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